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Good day! Need to use water-based ink. Pigment-based inks or not important. Sublimation ink is used for direct transfer to the synthetic fabric without using thermotransfer.

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Lomond shall promote their products through a network of distributors. Official partner Lomond assigned regular customers of our products on the basis of recommendations from one of our distributors on the results of cooperation. More information about the conditions of cooperation and prices on our products you can find at our Distributors, listed on the website under "Where to Buy / Distributors."

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ICC profiles for Epson Color Printer series to produce in the near future plan. As for the model Epson Photo 810, you can try to install the profile from 830 models. Produce individual profiles for Epson Photo 810 model is also planned.

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Пленка предназначена для всех моделей струйных принтеров, печатающих водорастворимыми и пигментны


Слушатели познакомились с вырубной секцией, ассортиментом вырубных ножей и спецификой выбора их п


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